Glide Print is a Perth CBD print management specialist, covering commercial, corporate and business print including advanced digital print.

Glide Print is a full-service printer, delivering brochures, flyers, leaflets, letterheads and book printing. Click here to view our full services list.

We are able to arrange best value printing because:

  • Printers want our business so they give us a wholesale discount that is not available direct to clients.
  • We have great buying power from our combined clients' turnover.
  • We deal with wholesale and trade only printers.
  • We know what to look for and where to find it.
  • We match the job to the printer best equipped to do it.

A "good, cheap printer"

The idea of a "good, cheap printer" illustrates what we do. There are hundreds of different types of printing presses installed in Perth. Add our Eastern States and Asia contacts, probably more than a thousand types of print and finishing machines.

Most of them are really good for something quite specific, at a range of other things. So it is that printers are good at some kind of work but not others. But in a market as small as Perth, they'll take on anything - at a price.

The "good, cheap printer" for short run letterheads may be a bad, expensive printer for long run brochures. Sometimes big printers are cheaper, sometime small printers. Even that's not consistent, because changes in demand will alter pricing on a daily basis.

Maximising your return on investment means knowing the options and being able to place your work to the best advantage, for that job and that day: that's print management.