A handy reference guide of standard envelope sizes used in the print industry to help you plan for future print projects. 

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          Click on image to download pdf

D-Series envelope sizes

 All D-Series envelopes can hold an A5 folded in half
or an  A4  piece of paper folded into three panels.

DL Envelope Size 110mm x 220mm
 This is the most commonly used envelope.
DLX Envelope Size 120mm x 235mm
DLE Envelope Size 115mm x 225mm

C-Series envelope sizes

 C3 Envelope 324mm x 458mm
 Holds a full piece of A3 paper. 
 C4 Envelope 229mm x 324mm
 Holds a full piece of A4 paper. 
 C5 Envelope 162mm x 229mm
 Holds a full piece of A5 paper, or an A4 folded in half.
 C6 Envelope 114mm x 162mm
 Holds a full piece of A6, an A5 folded into half
 or an A4  folded in quarters

B-Series envelope sizes

 B4 Envelope 353mm x 250mm
 Best for holding newspapers.
 B5 Envelope 250mm x 176mm
 B6 Envelope 176mm x 125mm