We help organisations manage their print requirements to maximise their return, especially in marketing and systems efficiency.

We handle all manner of general print, continuous forms and cheques, promotional material, NCR books, forms and speciality printing such as stickers and cards on integrated carrier sheets.

We specialise in high-impact corporate documents including presentation material for meetings, bids and other key interactions. Through our associated companies and suppliers we can supply and coordinate research,  copywriting, design and meeting planning.

Glide Print was founded by Stuart Hall in 2008. From over 20 years working in medium and large printing companies in Western Australia, Stuart has acquired a deep and broad knowledge of printing presses and processes, finishing options and paper stocks. He understands the industry and knows the capabilities and strengths of printing companies, and has extensive contacts amongst finishing houses and paper suppliers.

His wide experience covers all manner of corporate, business and commercial print, including brochures, flyers, booklets, pads and even books.   He has been a leader in adapting digital print to high-impact commercial situations, cutting costs and allowing more flexible, targeted promotions.

Stuart saw a clear need for an independent print management and brokerage service that could give customers what they wanted to buy, rather than what a vendor wanted to sell. That understanding led to the creation of Glide Print, where his skills and experience are put to work directly for the benefit of clients.